Introducing Storybeat's AI avatar generator

Imagine a magic tool that allows you to be the protagonist of your own universe. With Storybeat's Avatar Generator you can stop imagining and start creating. Make amazing AI Selfies and share them with the world. Works with any face and the possibilities are endless

We'll show you step by step how to do it  in Storybeat 

1- Enter Storybeat and select the AI section in the home page.

2- Upload 12  close up photos of yourself. Remember, the better photos, the better results. Follow this guidelines and best practices to get the best results  

✅ Show shoulders.

✅ Only you in the photos, not anyone else.

✅ Photos with a different facial expression..

✅ Photos in different locations/backgrounds/angles.

✅ Photos at different times of the day.

✅ Looking at the camera and also far away.

✅ Photos of the same size (512x512).

🚫 No photo shoots (in the same setting).

🚫 Not just photos looking at the camera.

🚫 Not the same expression in all photos.

🚫 No or light make-up

🚫 No other people in the picture

🚫 Hands above shoulders or in unnatural positions.

🚫 Highly visible logos on T-shirts/sweatshirts.

🚫 Perspectives of feet that generate different sizes.

🚫 Incomplete hands showing incomplete fingers shown in the app.

You can replace or adjust any picture of yourself

Storybeat does not store your photos, the photos are necessary for the AI to train your face and replicate it in the different collections we have. Once trained, your photos will be deleted permanently from our servers within the 24 hours after the training.

3- To create your AI profile, it takes 30 to 120 minutes to train your uploaded photos. You only need to make this process once. You can come back later to the app.

 Once your AI profile is ready, you just need to choose your favorite style and create your custom AI avatars with all the collections that we have for you.   

Creating your custom AI avatar may take from 15 to 60 seconds.

Once  your AI profile is created

1- Enter Storybeat and select the AI section in the home page.

2- Choose any AI collection that you like the most

3- Create your AI Avatar

4- Save it or share it in any of your social media

Let your imagination run wild and let us do the rest.

Create amazing AI Selfies and share them with the world with Storybetapp

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