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How to create outstanding content for Instagram and TikTok

Storybeat is the most comprehensive toolkit for creators. The app has more than 1000 templates collections for Instagram and TikTok that allows the users to design their social identity, create stories, videos and content of much better quality with cool, innovative designs and with better engagement. Once you enter the app you can see all the collections with cool and innovative designs in both templates and trends and a wide variety to suit all needs.

Create an amazing Trend

Trends by Storybeat is the newest amazing feature that allows you to synchronize your photos to the rhythm of the music in seconds. You have more than 100 trends to choose from.You only have to select the photos from the gallery, create your trend and save it on your gallery or share it on all your social media. The trend that you choose will tell you a maximum of photos to select, also if you want to show less photos than allowed you can do it. This new feature will make you forget wasting your time with complex editing tools and trend tutorials.

Storybeat's Trends is the easiest way to sync your photos with music

Use eye catching Templates

Search for a suitable stories template from the hundreds of options in the Storybeat app and tweak it to fit your brand or your story and make it your own! Take your Instagram Stories and TikTok stories to the next level choosing among a wide range of editable, innovative, varied and customisable templates to easily create your own amazing content. The available templates allow you to be creative and while saving time and effort. You can add videos and photos, without the need for technical or design knowledge.In this article we tell you more about the top 5 templates used in social media.

Explore our +1000 professional templates

In this post we explored best instagram story templates for brands, influencers and bloggers.

Elevate your story with transitions using Slides

With more than 10 different transitions to create amazing videos with your photos. You can add up to 15 photos per slideshow, and the best of all is that you can choose the music that you like the most. Storybeat has a large library and also gives you the option to choose the music you have stored on your device.

Photo Slides transitions

Apply photo Presets for Instagram

Transform your photos and videos into amazing compositions with our set of professional presets. Then you can use our editing tools to make your creations more professional looking

Stunning photo presets

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