How to use Presets in Social Media

Before you start editing your photos, you need to know how to take a good photo. You need to know your camera, but also the different photographic techniques, such as how to manage the exposure of your photo, or even how to retouch your photos to make quality and artistic shots!

Storybeat provides a collection of different presets that are a hybrid between presets and filters where the user can change the intensity of the preset and provide the content to be shared on social media.

There are many presets and with that comes the doubt of which is the best or the most suitable to apply to our content, Storybeat works with high quality presets customizable by the user. We mention what they are and on the basis of which content you can apply them, to have a more creative, harmonious and professional result.


Is a filter that generates great contrasts and increases the intensity of colors, by using saturation. For those storytellers who want to create a cinematic atmosphere, or share their "summer stories", this filter is very useful to lift cool colors like the sea, nature.

Preset kold in Action


Esmeralda represents the contrast between light and shadow. It also enhances the colors, bringing freshness and vibrancy to photos that are a little dark. Are you a lover of nude tones, boho and cozy style? this filter is definetly for you.

Esmeralda Preset in action


This preset is characterized by the presence of sepia color and when used with pastel colors, photo shoots you get a balanced image, light and warmth. Do you want to share that sunset and give it even more prominence ? Try this filter.

Lud Preset in action


Mapple preset uses slightly greenish, dark tones, giving your image a mysterious feel. You can use it for night images, it complements very well with the city and futuristic style.

Mapple give you a mysterious look and feel


Lo-Fi filter represents light. You can quickly see the difference between before and after by the difference it makes in the white tones. If you need to correct an image that is not very balanced or has a lot of opacity or unwanted shadows, use this filter and you will see the difference.

Lo-Fi filter captures light


For lovers of the classic symbiosis between black and white (which never goes out of fashion), we present BW. Get sophisticated results to tell stories of fashion, lyfestyle, memories that you want to share through this filter composed of sharp contrasts between light and dark tones.

BW preset converts into black and white photo

Everyone loves to take photos of life's unique moments, but the question many people ask is how to turn those photos into quality photos that can be kept for decades, Better quality images and videos lead to more engagement on social media. Storybeat is a great tool for these purposes and in addition to creating quality content, it is an easy to use editor for videos and photos, and a library full of music to use in your projects.

On our Storybeat Instagram account you can find  more tips about editing tools and how to design your social media identity. Follow us!

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