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Best Instagram Story Templates for Brands, Influencers and Bloggers

Want professional-looking Instagram Stories without the hassle? Here are 5 collection templates that helps you highlight your content on social media

Having tools that help you make your social media content more creative, interesting, time-saving, easy to use is essential nowadays. 

Storybeat is the most comprehensive toolkit for creators.
Nowadays, having tools to help you edit your content on social media has become essential and is the key if you want to differentiate yourself, position yourself, grow and above all add value to your audience. It's not what you communicate but how you communicate it.

5 Storybeat templates will help you

Archive Collection

archive instagram template collection storybeat

Archive : Based on the "Contact Sheets" of famous fashion and film photographers. Their "Scribble" style is in part due to the annotations they made to compare photo to photo in the shootings. The source of visual inspiration was the book "Magnum Contact Sheets" by curator Kristen Lubben, which brings together the iconic archives of photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliot Erwitt and Inge Morath.

Botanique Collection

botanique instagram template collection storybeat

Its name indicates it, French origin, inspired by vintage flower encyclopedias, where you could find illustrations with the indication of their anatomy (façon). Although botanical illustration began in antiquity as a means of pharmacological documentation, an indication of the Golden Age can be seen in the images of the book Les Velins du Roi (1931), drawn by the miniaturist Nicolas Robert, in France. This was the starting point for recreating this magnificent collection, which also includes annotations of plant parts, another intrinsic characteristic of this style.

Endless Summer

endless summer instagram template collection storybeat

Immersed in the picturesque photographic style of Wes Anderson, this collection takes us into a summer of dreams, never to return to routine. In a composition with this cinematographic image, the images were selected with the Californian summer in mind, with beaches such as " Venice Beach "


boho instagram template collection storybeat

Although boho has its beginnings in the 60s, 70s, and means Bohemian, our collection is part of a more chic and fresh boho, particularly one that takes these roots and brings them to the Mediterranean, turning this current into the Ibizan boho. A rustic style, in earthy, neutral tones, which simplify the halos of the sun falling on the shores of the coast.


retro instagram template collection storybeat

Undulating lines, vibrant patterns and contrasting colour schemes take us back to the 60s and its flowerpower. This collection takes us back to the images of vintage magazine advertisements and the Biba brand with its muses like Twiggy.

Storybeat not only has templates, to highlight your content on social media, you can also add music, filters, trends, stickers and much more so you can make your perfect instagram stories.

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